Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving, all! My favorite holiday! I have to spend a good portion of the long weekend working on a motion (boo) but going to try to squeeze in some relaxation as well.

As for the outfit, I kept it casual in a linen skirt, but chose to skip the jeans because its a whopping 90+ degrees in LA today....  which makes it a bit hard to get in the holiday spirit.
T-Shirt: LOFT * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Nine West * Madewell

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Casual Tuesday, FTW

Casual Tuesday, hooray.
Cardigan: The Limited * Shirt: LOFT * Jeans: Gap * Shoes: Target

Monday, November 20, 2017

Unnecessary Pencil Skirt

First, I had to wear work wear last Friday, and then the deposition for which I was dressed was cancelled at the last minute.  Then, I deleted without reading  somehow didn't get the firm-wide e-mail saying we could dress casually all week (since its a short week). So here I am once again, unnecessarily dressed in a pencil skirt. Sigh.
Cardigan: Ann Taylor * Camisole: Urban Outfitters * Skirt: The Limited * Shoes: Charles David

Friday, November 17, 2017

Bubbles and Friday Depositions

Its always frustrating when I have a court appearance or deposition on Friday, because it spoils my plans to wear jeans or something casual.  Alas, today was one of those Fridays.  A midday deposition meant pencil skirt and sensible sweater. (Side note - my five year-old informed she loves my sleeves because they "look like bubbles." Fair point, little love.)
Sweater: LOFT * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Steve Madden

Thursday, November 16, 2017


This floral blouse is one of my favorite things in my closet. It was inexpensive, is pretty, and can be styled seemingly a thousand different ways. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Cardigan: The Limited * Shirt: Forever 21 * Skirt: The Limited * Shoes: Asos

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Back to black....

....and white...and red.... I am predictable.
Also, my hair is funky today but whatevs.
Tee: Caslon * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Zara

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Bunch o' Outfits

Getting dressed, one day at a time....

It's been bizzzzzzzzzzzzy round these parts.  Here's a little roundup of some outfits this month, in case you missed them on Insta.

Here I am today - wearing nearly every neutral that exists (no white!) plus a floral blouse that I always forget I have.....
Top: LOFT * Skirt: J.Crew Factory * Cardigan: The Limited * Shoes: Nine West

And here I am on a lovely Casual Friday, wearing yet another lovely shirt that I often forget I have....
Shirt: LOFT * Jeans: Gap * Shoes: Nine West

This was last week sometime, and I gotta say, I don't love this look. I think the cardigan fits weird and is an odd shade of yellow? Anyhoo....
Tank: Target * Cardigan: The Limited * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Charles David

Another day, another cardigan. Pretty sure I own a cardigan in every color of the rainbow.....
Cardigan: LOFT * Top: LOFT * Skirt: LOFT (seeing a pattern here....) * Shoes: Asos

Another Casual Friday look (I think?) This was a week or two ago when we had our last heat wave of 2017.....
Tank: LOFT * Cardigan: Old Navy * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Target

This blouse is straight up Power Bitch.
Blouse: The Limited * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Steve Madden

And last but not least, a perfect red wrap dress. 
Dress: Gap * Shoes: Target

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Comfort Zone

Today I had court, so my outfit was sensible (sub cardigan w/blazer). But... my shoes broke on my way out of court :( so had to buy some replacements and ended up with these sassy Steve Madden ones with plastic sides which I am still unsure about.....out o my comfort zone like woah.
Shirt: Halogen * Cardigan: LOFT * Skirt: The Limited * Shoes: Steve Madden


I had to travel for work this week, and this is the only (oh-so-glamorous!) shot that I got..... And would you believe that I am wearing ....gasp!..... pants!? These are new from Gap and I am pretty happy with them - after two (long) work days, they kept their shape pretty darn well!
Cardigan: Anthropologie * Tank: Old Navy * Pants: Gap * Shoes: Asos


I wore this on Friday. I love these shoes.
Tank: Target * Cardigan: LOFT * Jeans: Gap * Shoes: Asos 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Test of Time

This trapeze dress was the first "maternity" purchase I made, when I was barely pregnant with my first daughter (EIGHT years ago, eegad!). Its not actually maternity, but its loose and drapey and accommodated my growing belly at the time. In any event, I still love it, but a bit too overwhelming on my body without a belt. Nonetheless, I love when a purchase stands the test of time...  
Dress: H&M * Cardigan: LOFT * Shoes: Charles David * Belt: Target 

Shop it......

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Am I the worst blogger of all time? Yes, indeed. Life is nuts these days and I can't believe how much crap is happening at once, but I am nonetheless getting dressed everyday and trying my darndest to keep my head above water. Here are my most recent outfits....

First: you CAN wear a t-shirt to work! (I do, anyway....)
Top: James Perse Skirt: The Limited Shoes: Steve Madden
Second: I am apparently obsessed with black/blue/gray these days.
Top & Cardigan: LOFT Skirt: J.Crew Factory Shoes: Target Necklace: gorjana

Friday, September 29, 2017

Simple & Perfect

Happy Friday! Keeping it simple in t-shirt and jeans, but interesting with a little lace.

Also, I look tired as F (and actually a little pissed off) in this here picture.... 

Also, these are the perfect shoe, y'all.......

Tee: LOFT (cute alternative with fun sleeves)
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny (Gap's new skinny jean here)
Shoes: Steve Madden "Stecey"


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Clever Words

Hello again! I guess, according  to your comments on my last post, at least a few of you out there read in this format, so I am going to try to get back into it. Thus, here we go with my amazing and clever words about my outfit (heavy sarcasm).....

I wore a sweater today. It was short sleeved. This is good because it was 90 degrees out.

Side note - you guys, what is going on with The Limited?? Could it be true that it is coming back???

Side side note - i am standing weird in this picture.
Sweater: The Limited (alternative)

Skirt: LOFT (alternative)
Shoes: Nine West (alternative)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You Still Reading? (+ a wrap dress)

Hello. Does anyone read blogs anymore? I pretty much only post on Instagram these days, but if you vote for me continuing to post here as well, let me know.

As for the clothes - this wrap dress is the best.

Dress: Max Studio (only a few colors/patterns/sizes left here, but here is a long sleeve alternative)
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: The Limited (RIP) (alternative)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Casual and Boring

Catching up again with a twofer - Casual Friday and Boring Tuesday.

Though if I'm honest, my Casual Friday wear is preeettty damn boring as well. But this is quite frankly my favorite casual day combo (tank + jeans + cardigan + necklace).

Tank: Target
Cardigan: LOFT (alternative)
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny (discontinued :( but you can buy Gap's new version here)

Shoes: Target

And on Tuesday I wore an outfit that I am pretty sure I just wore recently but whatevs. I love the lace detail on this top.

Shirt: LOFT (cute lacier alternative)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (alternative)
Shoes: Target

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All That Jazz

So it has obviously been a minute but I still live, and get dressed, and all that jazz. Catching up with some outfits I wore over the last few weeks and which made it to Instagram, but not the ole blog.

First up, pretty in pink with a favorite dress (its actually navy w/flowers - looks like black and white polka dots from afar though).
Cardigan: LOFT (similar)
Dress: LOFT (alternative)

And then there is this outfit, which for some reason made me feel more professional and pulled together than usual... and of course, it was my favorite color combo (white/gray/red), so....
Tee: LOFT (alternative)
Skirt: LOFT (alternative)
Shoes: Zara (alternative)

And finally, there is what I wore today - an embellished tee that has really carried me through the years paired with the classic combo of pencil skirt/cardigan.
Tee: J.Crew (alternative)
Skirt: The Limited  (alternative)
Cardigan: Madewell (alternative)
Shoes: Target

Monday, May 15, 2017

Wrap it Up

Hello! It's a cold and breezy Spring morning which I am loving because the sweltering summer days are around the corner... keeping warm in my favorite (and only) wrap sweater and an off-center photo.

Also - this skirt is too short, isn't it? (gritting teeth emoji)
Sweater: Anthropologie (similar - cute!)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (similar)
Shoes: Asos (similar)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Stitch Fix, Rediscovered.

So, you guys. I just re-discovered Stitch Fix.  I was an avid subscriber a few years ago, and some of my most beloved pieces to this day are ones I got from them.  There is something so fun about getting a surprise box of clothes, particularly since they are more often than not items that I would never pick out for myself.  Case in point - this blush blazer. I would never, ever, ever pick this for myself.  In fact, I am pretty anti-blazer in general. I love the look of them but find them uncomfortable and stiff and prefer cardigans.  But. This blazer.  Its a soft silky material, drapes in a lovely way, and has none of the stiff awkwardness I typically find with blazers.  Also, i always thought I coudn't pull off pastel colors but I actually think this one is working.

Blazer: Stitch Fix (similar)
Camisole: LOFT (similar)
Skirt: LOFT (similar)
Heels: Asos (similar)

Pretty Pink Pleats

Pretty in pink and pleats! Stepping out of my usual skirt shape and color scheme with this pretty pink skirt that just made me want to spin around all day. Love.
Tank: Gap (similar)
Skirt: LOFT 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Moody Floral

Work is decidedly less busy as of late (whew) so I spent a good portion of my day (more than I intended, in fact) watching the trial of a case that I worked up and which is being tried by my coworkers.  Noted that it was odd to be in court but not in a suit.

Also. I have been binge-watching the show Divorce lately (also Big Little Lies, which is flipping amazing but that is not relevant here), and have been loving the dark and moody color scheme of the show, in particular the use of patterns and florals.  Was inspired, therefore, to bust out this moody dark floral pencil skirt which is a bit winter-y for a (hot) Spring day, but oh well.

Top: Target (alternative)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Trucking in....

Trucking into the work week in a comfy lacy tee and pencil a good t-shirt that is also work-appropriate.


Shoes: Target

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lazy and Boring.

Ah, yes. Remember me? I am alive, just fell off the blogging train for awhile. I hope to continue blogging but find myself increasingly lazy.....

Wearing this new blouse which I looove. How have I gone so long without a gray blouse when gray is basically one of my favorite colors? (hello, boring)

Blouse: LOFT
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (similar)

Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar) (also similar)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Floral forever

Went M.I.A. again but this time for a good reason - a quick vacation to Cancun. Lovely. Back at it and prepping for three trials in a row --- huzzah.
This floral blouse from Forever 21 has paid for itself a thousand times over - its so cute, so versatile, and looks way more expensive than it was.
Top: Forever 21 (alternative)
Skirt: The Limited (alternative)
Shoes: Nine West

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Green Bean

Blouse: The Limited (alternative) / Skirt: LOFT (alternative) / Shoes: Charles David


Wow I checked out for a minute there - work has been busy, per usual. I have posted on instagram, for those of you who follow us there. But here is a quick catch-up recap post for the ole blog.

Last week I busted out this navy lace pencil skirt which i LOVE, and which I only ever pair with neutrals. I know navy is a neutral, too, but why do I struggle to find colors to pair with it??  Adding to that is the fact that this skirt is lace which makes it feel even less neutral and thus more of a struggle for me to pair it with things.  Anyway, went with burgundy this time and I think I like it....
Shirt: LOFT (exact in other colors) (other option) / Skirt:LOFT (option 123) / Shoes:Target

Also last week, I took this incredibly glam bathroom shot in the middle of a loooong deposition. Love this orange sweater but rarely wear it. Loved it with the tweed skirt - though worn on the first day of Spring, this is quite the Autumn look....
Sweater: The Limited (alternative) / Skirt: LOFT (alternative) / Shoes: Charles David

And then when I had a court appearance, I dressed in some classic work wear - navy suit, white blouse (I ditched the jacket after court).
Blouse: Express / Skirt: The Limited (alternative) / Shoes: Ann Taylor (alternative)

And finally, yesterday, I wore blacks n blues, and tweed again....
Shirt: The Limited (alternative) / Cardigan: LOFT / Skirt: The Limited (alternative) / Shoes: Target

Monday, March 20, 2017

Same Combo

Here's what I wore on Friday - I pretty much wear some version of this combo every Friday, I realize....ah, well.
Camisole; LOFT (similar)
Jeans: Gap (similar)
Cardigan: The Limited (similar)
Shoes: Asos (similar)

Thursday, March 16, 2017


From cheery floral to drab black and gray in 24 hours...
Blouse: LOFT (very similar)
Shoes: Asos (very similar)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Floral + Gray

This tried and true floral blouse must have cost me like $20 at Forever 21 a few years ago - and it has gotten some decent play in those years... love a good low cost per wear item...(oh, I have another great Forever 21 floral blouse that has gotten a lot of play too - see how I've worn that one over the years here).

See how I've worn it in the past below. In the meantime, here's how I wore it today - with a charcoal gray mini skirt that I'm not sure is really working with it. Would have preferred a camel colored skirt but that is something i do not have.
Top: Forever 21 (alternative)
Skirt: LOFT (alternative)
Shoes: Steve Madden

Dressed up in March 2013...

Holy Grumpy in June 2013....

With gray denim in October 2014....

With gray again last year....

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Black and Stretchy

All black and all stretchy cotton makes this lawyer happy when trudging through a huge motion all day....

Shirt: Halogen (similar)
Skirt: LOFT (similar)

Shoes: Charles David (this is my second time purchasing these shoes - possibly the best basic pump of all time)

Monday, March 13, 2017

No Complaints Here.

Hi! I keep telling myself I need to keep it positive around here - no more whining and griping all the damn time - but of course, when you are burning the candle at both ends on a near-constant basis, complaints do tend to abound.  However, I got sick last week with what is possibly the worst cold I've ever had, and all other complaints seemed silly at that point.  Seriously, why is it that we don't appreciate our health until we are under the weather?

Anyway, I am back in business for the most part today (running on DayQuil and coffee!), and though work is oppressive, I am not getting stressed because I am too busy celebrating the fact that I actually feel decent!

In outfit news, I am wearing a tried and true combo of neutrals -  gray, white, and navy with my fave summer shoes. Also- this skirt is so cute because it has double side slits - wish I had gotten a decent picture of them; you can see better in this post from last Fall.

Cardigan: J.Crew Factory (similar)
Tank: Target
Skirt: LOFT (similar)
Shoes: Target 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I dont have anything to say that isn't related to being sick, overworked, or tired, so instead I will just say: here is my outfit...
Cardigan: J.Crew (similar)
Top: Stitch Fix (similar)
Skirt:LOFT (alternative)
Shoes: Target (I have these in three colors and have actually repurchased those that I wore out - Steve Madden makes a more sturdy version in more colors)

Monday, February 27, 2017


It's Monday and it's cold. This Tippi sweater legit makes every outfit. So easy, so cute.
Sweater: J.Crew

Skirt: LOFT (similar)
Shoes: Zara (alternative)

Necklace: Madewell (similar)