Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Busy, Comfy, Rinse and Repeat

We blew it yesterday.  Just no time to blog.

Today, we're still as busy as ever, but the show must go on!

Dress: Target / Cardigan: J.Crew / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: J.Crew Factory

Paloma says...

Blah.  That about sums up how I feel when I walk into my closet these days.  Not because I have nothing to wear or because I hate my clothes but because, when life is hitting you hard from all angles, well - clothes just don't seem to matter that much.  Blasphemy, I know.

That said, I am thankful for comfortable clothes that are still cute like this awesome Target dress that I got after having my first baby.  I can sit in it all day, even after a huge lunch, and still be comfy.  It's basically like pajamas.  Which is pretty much all I feel like wearing.

Oh, and PS: did you notice I chopped off all my hair?

Shirt: Banana Republic / Cardigan: Rag & Bone / Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Socks: Club Monaco / Boots: Sam Edelman

Karen says...

Not sure what look I'm going for here, but I've made a vow to wear wedge boots and socks for the balance of autumn and winter.  I've been noticing the look around town and I love it.  This is a cautious start, with these fun socks I picked up a couple of weeks ago at Club Monaco.

Also, 'tis the season for a grandpa cardigan, right?

Monday, October 28, 2013

This Is Starting To Get Weird

We don't plan this.  We haven't even seen each other for like two weeks.

Shirt: Zara / Skirt: S.Y.L.K. / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Mulberry / Trench: Tracy Reese

Karen says...

I admit: I did have Paloma in mind this morning when I put my outfit together.  I thought of all the great ways she's been wearing stripes, and I was inspired to put together a few pieces, with stripes as the accessory.  But alas, I do not quite have her flair and stuck to comfy work basics.  Turns out that I was right on the money with Paloma's look - once again, twinsies!  Loves!

An easy outfit to work in, and easier to play in, as after work I found myself at dinner at The Gorbals and the Alexandria Hotel.  They opened up the Palm Court ballroom for us and of course, photographic inspiration took flight.  I think I will be spending lots of time on Instagram tonight with the extra shots.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Sole Society / Earrings: gift

Paloma says...

Another day with no time.  And another day with the winning combo of black, white, gray, stripes, and red shoes.  A tried and true winner, always.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Substance Over Style

Not quite sure if we've ever been as busy as we are now.  Blogging is the last thing on the mind when you've got deadlines and clients and partners and motions and friends and family (and kids) all flying at you at once...

Sweater: Target / Pants: Target / Shoes: Target / Earrings: Banana Republic

Paloma says...

Well, yesterday was a day.  Without boring you with the details, it was simply chaos and blogging fell off my radar completely.  Too bad, since I wore a cute dress.

Anyway, it seems that (with the exception of yesterday), I have been all about black and comfort this week.  I would have thought coming off the 30 for 30, I would be going crazy with fun combinations of all the different things in my closet that I forgot I had.  Instead, the opposite is true.  I have wanted to use exactly no creativity this week.  I've just wanted to be comfortable, basic, easy.  Hence this black jeans/black sweater combo.  With leopard flats for good measure.  And, um, all from Target. sigh.

Shirt: Maison Scotch / Skirt: Madewell / Tights: Target / Shoes: Rock & Candy

Karen says...

As I said, I am clearly a chambray shirt collector.  This is the irresistible purchase from a couple of days ago at Scotch & Soda.  They're not little dots, they're little pistols, and it comes with the gold necklace in the shape of an arrow as the perfect adornment.  I put this together sort of, well, as you can see, with minimal light this morning and didn't really care if the colors went together or not.  Comfy skirt, tights, and chambray shirt.  Sounds like Friday, alright.

that little bit of detail - guns and arrows

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Suit: Theory / Shirt: BCBG / Shoes: The Limited / Bag: Mulberry

Karen says...

We dropped the ball today.  We're both busy and over it.  Not the blog!  Just... you know, it.

But I got my friend to snap a photo in front of Vegan Glory on Beverly.  Long day - a suit that took me through office, client lunch, court, client dinner, and then meeting up with friends.  In the words of Paloma, "Blerg."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skirted and Accessorized

Life on the go...

Jacket: Heavenly Couture / Shirt: Anthropologie / Necklace: Lipsy / Skirt: Armani Collezione / 
Shoes: Zara / Bag: Mulberry

Karen says...

All over the place today... literally, and figuratively, with this outfit.  Headed to Venice for a client meeting, and upon its conclusion, popped into the nearby Scotch & Soda afterwards.  What a wonder this place is.  I've been a fan of Maison Scotch for some time, usually finding it at Ron Herman.  But finding the brick and mortar is like entering the gates of heaven itself.

OK, that's exaggerating.  But this place is simply perfect for fall, and I've realized that I've become a bit of a chambray shirt collector.  (Bought another one, had to do it.)  Many of their pieces come with a necklace or pendant.  And the shopgirl didn't think I was insane when I asked for the favor of a little photo...

Cardigan: J.Crew / Dress: Target / Belt: Forever 21 / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Paloma says...

No time today.  Wore this dress for the first time ever after buying it four years ago.  Yikes.  Feeling very 50's housewife today indeed.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day to Night

Ever enjoying the freedom of wearing... whatever!  In outfits today that could double for after-work looks.

Blouse: Express / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Sole Society / Earrings: J.Crew Factory

Paloma says...

Guess we are both feeling in a bit of an all black mood lately.  I have actually wanted to wear this outfit for awhile - ever since I saw this pin.  All I needed was the perfect black blouse and the perfect red shoes. Since they are now mine, I was finally able to do it.  I seriously feel so comfortable in this outfit - what a relief after yesterday's too-tight skirt debacle. 

Dress: Club Monaco / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Mulberry

Karen says...

This is a dress I purchased last Thursday, while stuck in Orange County waiting for traffic to sort itself out.  Good ol' South Coast Plaza had a good ol' Club Monaco - which had a good ol' sale.  Fantasizing ahead to the days of wearing However Many For Whenever, I rewarded myself for the long day of lawyering with this dress.  And I kinda love it.

Had purchased the heels at Zara a couple of weeks back for a work party, and now they can just be nice black work shoes.  I had some jewelry on earlier in the day, but by the time I wound up at this bar association mixer, I wasn't much in the mood for any bells and whistles.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Back in Play

It's a day for behind-the-office door selfies, apparently.

Shirt: Joie Soft / Pants: GAP / Boots: Franco Sarto / Necklace: Madewell

Karen says...

I can finally dress how I feel - a little dark and serious, and ready for fall!  In my non-30 for 30 outfits of late, I have been wearing lots of black.  Uncomplicated chic.

It was really weird this morning going through my closet for an outfit - almost a foreign experience and slightly overwhelming.  As can be expected, I had a tinge of missing 30 for 30 because it was just a matter of going through limited options and being done with it.  Grass is always greener.

Skirt: Merona x Target / Blouse: Old Navy / Cardigan: J.Crew / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini / Necklace: Target

Paloma says...

Well, as much as I had hoped the angels would sing this morning as I wore a gorgeous outfit styled from anything but those 30 items, that was not to be.

Instead, I was rushing out the door at the crack of dawn and threw on the outfit I had planned, but didn't have enough time to truly assess it.  Which is how I would up in an uncomfortably tight skirt and a blouse that wouldn't stay tucked in, and always looks wrinkled.  After a two-hour car ride to a meeting, and a two-hour meeting, I was beyond ready to throw the skirt in the garbage.  So uncomfortable.  Thank goodness there is always a Target within stone-throwing distance, and I was able to grab this lovely navy skirt for a steal in time to drive back to LA in comfort and style.

30 For 30: The Roundup

Here we go - all 30 of each of our looks in two handy little collages.  It's kind of fun to see it this way - mostly because it's amazing to see how different each look is!

Paloma's 30 For 30

Paloma says...

I am very happy with my 30 looks.  But I think my favorite is the purple skirt/gray sweater combo (#16 in the collage).  So simple yet so chic.  My least favorite?  The floral blouse/gray pencil skirt/yellow cardigan (#24 on the collage)... so not flattering. 

Karen's 30 For 30

Karen says...

I'm surprised I was able to do this.  I hate that blue shirt and never want to wear it again.  Other than that, these were all sensible picks that surprisingly, I could do a lot with.  I think my favorite look is the black dress with the little cardy and bright necklace, on the day I got Blanka from Street Fighter II hair.  It was just a simple and flattering look that I put together out of necessity.  A close second would be the white peplum with black peg pants.  The addition of the green necklace made me feel pretty all day.

Friday, October 18, 2013

That's A Wrap!

Free at last.  From wearing the same thirty items!  Free at last, and other victorious platitudes.

Shirt: Old Navy / Cardigan: The Limited / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Target / Earrings: J.Crew Factory / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day THIRTY!
Paloma says...

WE MADE IT.  Holy hell, I am happy this is over.

So many things to say about this challenge - it was equal parts love and hate for me.  But as I've said before, it was ultimately a great experience.  First, I learned the oh-so-important lesson of really using the clothes I've got.  Second, I have a whole new appreciation for my closet! Seriously, this should nip my shopping addiction in the bud, at least temporarily, because my closet feels so full at the moment - so many possibilities. I can't wait for Monday!

Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: J.Crew Super 120s / Shoes: Julianne Hough for Sole Society / Bag: Mulberry

30 for 30: Day Thirty
Karen says...

I would've liked to end the challenge more ceremoniously, like with some amazeballs outfit, but Thursday and Friday kicked my ass so much that I felt triumphant just sticking to the rules.  I had court on Friday morning, so I could not fete the end of this journey with anything more interesting than suiting basics.  But I made sure to use some go-to-hell colors - like three shades of blue.  Ha.

So... everything Paloma said, above.  I don't want to wear any of these thirty items again, like maybe forever, but I have to admit the utility of something if you just think about it.  I shopped here and there, couldn't really fight nature on that in the last thirty days, but I do realize I don't even need to shop.  I mean, we knew that already, right.  But there is plenty to work with in my closet.  And I could probably make do with something like sixty for sixty.  Or ninety for ninety.  OK, that doesn't even make sense.  

Cheers to my fellow Nine-Thirty to Fiver, we made it!  Woot!

(collage to follow)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What We Wore on Thursday, Sorta

Chaos continues in the worlds of these two lady lawyers.  Karen was out of the office in a deposition, and Paloma was out of the office in her sweats.  But we both looked good doing it.

Peplum Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Michael Kors / Necklace: J.Crew Factory

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Nine
Karen says...

It's gettin' kinda hectic all up in here.  I had a few free moments at the start of the week, but they disappeared along with my sanity right around Wednesday.  Thursday was another deposition in Orange County situation, an exhausting affair on so many levels.  Of course, this outfit with a cardigan will pass for suitable defense attorney gear.

But in the spirit of full disclosure - I had to retake this on Saturday morning when I was feeling way less tragic.  Day Twenty-Nine it was; Thursday it indeed was not.  I added a little cranberry-orange kick to this outfit with the jewelry and lipstick.  Black and white can always use a little help.

Blouse: Express / Sweater: J.Crew / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Sole Society

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Nine
Paloma says...

So yeah, I am working from home again today, and snapped this pic in the depths of my backyard under an avocado tree next to dusty unused patio furniture.  And yeah, in reality I wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt from K-mart (don't judge - it's freakishly comfy) for most of the day. 

But I did honestly wear this outfit today.  I wore it to drop my kids off at their respective day cares, drive to work, walk into my office, realize I had left a bunch of very important notes that I needed in order to get my work done today at home, pack up my laptop, and drive home.  Oh, and snap this pic.

Oh, by the way, have I mentioned that tomorrow is the last day of the 30 for 30 challenge???  HUZZAH. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three To Go

Pro: only three days left of these thirty items.  Con: we are both running on fumes today.

Cardigan: LOFT / T-shirt: Target / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Eight
Paloma says...

OK, not to be all broken record about it, but wow am I tired.  Second day on little to no sleep (no idea what's going on with me), and I truly feel like a zombie.  It's days like this that I am appreciative of the limited selection 30x30 closet.  Though I'm fairly certain I already wore this.  So what, who cares?  Two more days.

Shirt: Caslon / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: The Limited

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Eight
Karen says...

End of day photo.  Creativity at a low.  Twelve-hour work day.  Bye.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Red Skirt Parade

O... M... G!  Twinsies!  No memo!

Shirt: H&M / Cardigan: Charlotte Tarnatola / Skirt: L'Agence / Shoes: Michael Kors

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Seven
Karen says...

I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled, that there are only three more outfits of this "challenge."  I'm really glad I got to wear everything here once, twice, thrice, but I may have to burn some articles after this.

Um... craziness!  Paloma and I had no conference on this whatsoever, but we are both doing patterned shirt, black cardy, red skirt, black patent heels.  If we were still working together, I think we might freak out.  But because we're sadly crosstown now, it is just another testament to our total fashion simpatico.

Shirt: The Limited / Cardigan: J.Crew / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Seven
Paloma says...

Back at it in the office today, and back in one of my fave color combos: black, white, and red.  I got 3.5 hours of sleep last night (not an exaggeration) so I'm feeling a bit out of it.  Whenever I feel this way, all I want to wear is black, black, black.  But decided to stick with my pre-planned outfit which includes this (very bright) red skirt, and am glad I did since I think it might be making me look more awake than I am. I awake?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Blog by Proxy

It was casual day everywhere today - at work and at home.  But we acknowledged our 30 x 30 duty nonetheless!

Shirt: The Limited / Skirt: LOFT / Shoes: Banana Republic
Earrings: Handmade (purchaesd in Juarez, Mexico [right before it became, like, the least safe place on the planet!)

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Six
Paloma says...

So, this outfit is a bit of a lie.  I did not actually wear this today.  Well, I did, but only for a few minutes so I could take a picture.  You see, I worked from home today which means that I wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt all day.  I decided to blog an outfit anyway, because I am just so committed to the 30 for 30 challenge!

OK, not really.  I just don't want to have to extend the challenge by another day to make up for today.  I miss my clothes!!!

Also took some creative liberties today, by wearing these crazy green earrings (which are probably not very clear in the picture).  I used to wear them all the time but they are a bit big and loud, I think.  Though I will say I liked them with this outfit, so I might have to change my stance on them...

Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: ASOS / Shoes: The Limited

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Six
Karen says...

Columbus Day.  Casual Monday at work.  I wore a t-shirt and jeans to work after a meeting with a client in the morning.

I threw this on after work as the outfit I "would have worn" today for 30 for 30, had there not been all kinds of extenuating circumstances like... Columbus Casual Monday.

You see, even the wrinkly skirt tells of haphazard blogging.  However, this is the outfit that Paloma has been telling me to put together for ages, which I was sometimes remiss to do because of the tight skirt and the idea of being in it for eight hours.  Here, it was a mere eight minutes.

Oh my God, four more days of this!  I miss my clothes, too!

Friday, October 11, 2013

All By Myselfies

No opportunity for a luxury coffee break today, so it's back to office selfies.

Dress: Ted Baker / Sweater: Rag & Bone / Tights: xhilaration / Boots: Rock and Candy by ZiGi

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Five
Karen says...

I am cheating.

I am wearing the Ted Baker dressed authorized by the 30 x 30 challenge, however, my shoes are boots not a part of the polyvore.  But I just couldn't wear heels on a Friday, and I just couldn't wear my brown Jeffrey Campbells with a black dress.  Other than this cheat, I think this dress works really well with a grandpa cardigan, tights, and boots.  Five more days of playing by the rules - and I will make it work, OK?!  

Shirt: Forever 21 / Cardigan: J.Crew / Pants: Target / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Five
Paloma says...

My attitude about this challenge certainly ebbs and flows.  Today it was "I really just don't even care anymore - I'm just going to grab some things and put them on, I am so over it." I guess that's what happens when you've only got a few days left. 

That said, Karen and I talked yesterday about the things we do like about this challenge, and agreed that we would do it again. Sometime in the future - the distant future. But the fact is that forcing yourself to only wear certain things really does allow you to look at what you've got in a new way.

Anyway, here I am recycling the striped top/leopard shoes idea that I busted out early in the challenge. I love it!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Uniform Chic

Black and whiting it again, and channeling some kind of service industry vibe today...

Blouse: Express / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Target / Cardigan: The Limited / Earrings: J.Crew Factory

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Four
Paloma says...

I was going to wear this outfit with my red pencil skirt, but it was so darn chilly out this morning that I couldn't imagine being bare-legged.  So black pants it was.

Normally I avoid the white blouse/black pants combo like the plague, since it causes flashbacks to my days as a server at the Olive Garden.  However, the "OG" uniform certainly didn't include nude heels, skinny pants, and a mustard cardigan.  It did include a men's white shirt tucked in to flared black pants, sensible black shoes, and a tie.  Oh, and an apron.  Sooo hopefully I won't be mistaken for someone who is going to refill your never-ending breadstick basket.

Blouse: I.Madeline / Skirt: Banana Republic / Shoes: Michael Kors / Trench: Plenty by Tracy Reese / Bag: Mulberry

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Four
Karen says...

Not sure who or what I'm mad-dogging here.  I mean, not every photo can be wind blowing through hair, loving life.  (And really, they are not.)

This is the black shirt with the white schoolgirl collar.  I loved it so much when I bought it and now I sort of feel like it has the vibe of a maid's uniform.  (Or - an Olive Garden server?)  Here it is paired with the ladylike cream skirt and a new trench coat from Anthropologie.  I went on a coat-buying spree recently and regretted it, but since the temperature went below 70 this week (unheard of!), I'm all about it now.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winds of Change

Is Mary Poppins flying in tonight?  There is furious wind change happening today, with the temperature dropping some 15 degrees from just a couple of days ago.  Might help for photography, but this is no weather to stay in.

Top: Banana Republic / Cardigan: Charlotte Tarantola / Pants: ASOS / Shoes: Julianne Hough for Sole Society
Bag: Mulberry / Necklace: On Loan from Cyn

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Three
Karen says...

Trying to step up our photo game with my new Samsung 2B250F WiFi camera.  Um, what a difference some real flash makes!  Quite a lot of fun taking photos in an alley today with a boxy black thing flashing away like poor man's paparazzi.  When was the last time anyone was ever spotted with a real camera?  Such a novelty.

Other than that, pretty happy with this outfit because I was able to take out the mint green necklace.  Yes, this is matchy-matchy, but still understated.  What a trial it was to walk a few blocks outside.  I thought a bunch of nannies were flying in, or I was about to be whirled into Oz.  Maybe I should watch some newer movies.

Sweater: LOFT / Shirt: Old Navy / Skirt: The Limited / Belt: Target / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Three
Paloma says...

Dang, it's straight-up cold today.  I was freezing my butt off as I walked the few blocks to meet Karen.  It went from 80's to 60's quite literally overnight.

Also, please remind me to never ever throw my wet hair up into a bun and go to work.  Convenient?  Yes.  Hideous in pictures?  Big fat yes.  Was incredibly envious of Karen's windblown tousled and pretty hair today.

And finally, another crafty use of the leopard belt over a cardigan this week. Sort of makes it seem more like a shirt, no?  Yet another thing I have learned from this challenge - I need more belts.  In fact, I just bought two online today.  Too bad I likely wont be able to incorporate into the 30x30 - just seven days left!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cheers to Color

Three cheers for color!  Hip!  Hip!  Hooray!

Blouse: Old Navy / Cardigan: The Limited / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Banana Republic / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Two
Paloma says...

Fall is here!  And to celebrate, I will wear this totally summery outfit! Huzzah!

But seriously, the weather took a huge turn today, and suddenly the air is crisp and I'm wishing I had a jacket on when I walk from my car into my office.  But you won't hear any complaints here - I think introducing a few scarves into the 30x30 mix is just what the doctor ordered!

I totally nerded out last night and made polyvores of my remaining eight outfits.  Yup, major nerd.  I simply could not wrap my brain around getting eight more outfits out of this challenge but Polyvore reassured me that I can do it!

Dress: Madewell / Sweater: Banana Republic / Shoes: The Limited / Necklace: Random

30 for 30: Day Twenty-Two
Karen says...

My photographer never listens to me.  Take it from over there, I say.  Keep it still, I say.  And he always just does what he wants.  So I'm sorry if this photo has less negative space than it should.

OK, this is an outfit I had been planning since the beginning, in terms of wearing this dress in different ways.  This wasn't supposed to come back on the rotation so soon, but I could not locate my Julianne Hough for Sole Society mint green shoes today because... they were nowhere to be found.  And I really wanted to use those accent shoes for my boring basics.  Anyway, the saga continues.  I'd understand if those shoes just walked out of my apartment to find a life of their own.  They are pretty fabulous.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monochrome Monday

Not quite monochrome, but pairing unconventional black and white patterns today!

Shirt: H&M / Suit: J.Crew / Shoes: Michael Kors

30 for 30: Day Twenty-One
Karen says...

This is my trusty toile t-shirt, underneath my equally trusty J.Crew suit.  And this is me at the trustiest of all places - my parents' house.  I had court and a meeting today in an empire that was quite inland.  Made sense to stop by the good ol' homestead on the way back to the big bad city.

As is the case with that area between ocean and desert, the sun beats down ferociously at 5:00 p.m.  The heat is pleasantly neverending, and I took advantage of nature's spotlight for this photo.  Easy outfit today.  The suit and a good tee - buttoned up for court, jacket open for the meeting.  Done.

Sweater: J.Crew / Skirt: LOFT / Shoes: Sole Society / Earrings: Mod Cloth

30 for 30: Day Twenty-One
Paloma says...

This outfit carried me very well through an 8:00 a.m. doctor's appointment for my younger daughter (oh damn, one-year-olds do not like doctors), and on to my work day which is already proving to be nutso.  And it's fool-proof: gray sweater, stripes, and red heels.  All of my favorite things in one outfit.  Now if only these red shoes could be my new block-heel Sole Society ones!  Only ten more days until I get to wear those babies.  September was my birthday month so I have amassed a small collection of new clothes and shoes lately, all of which sit in a dedicated corner of my closet, patiently awaiting October 21 when they can make their debut.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Holding Out and Hanging On

Fall weather is nowhere in sight.  No such thing as fall in LA, perhaps.  It cuts straight from summer to winter.

Cardigan: J.Crew / Top: Target / Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Sole Society / Necklace: gift

30 for 30: Day Twenty
Paloma says...

Feeling reinvigorated today - like I got a second wind of interest in this challenge.  Maybe it's this fab gold necklace my brother got me for my birthday (hooray for accessories), or maybe it's the fact that there are only ten days left. Probably the latter.

Went for a classic look today - black, jeans, and red shoes with gold accessories.  Kinda can't go wrong with this one.  Though the cardigan was removed mere moments after this picture was taken, since it's nutso hot out.  We are experiencing the typical October heatwave in LA, and are facing 90 degree temps this weekend - groan.  Plan on taking the kiddos to a "Fall Festival" complete with pumpkin patches and corn mazes, and can't help but wish that it were going to be crisp and cool so I could wear boots and jeans and sweaters.  :-(  Alas, I will be sweating my butt off in a tank top and shorts instead.  Nothing says fall like sweat and hay, amiright?

Top: Anthropologie / Skirt: ASOS / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Mulberry / Necklace: Reform School

30 for 30: Day Twenty
Karen says...

So this is what it's like to have a limited closet... you just wear whatever together, over and over again.  Of course, no one is paying that much attention to what I'm wearing.  No one has, really.  But I?  I pay an inordinate amount of attention to what I'm wearing!  And this combination struck me as a little funky today, kind of like patterns, details, colors, styles, all just whatevs.

But yes, the indecisive weather isn't helping.  I could do so much more with my 30 for 30 if we were truly dressing for autumn.  Instead, we're still up in the 80's, so layering is quite out of the question.

Two more weeks to go!  Oh God, two more weeks, really?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tea Time

Afternoon tea time in our ladylike lawyer best.

Top: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Michael Kors / Pearls: Principessa Venice / Bag: Mulberry

30 for 30: Day Nineteen
Karen says...

I was starting to super hate this skirt, but then in this photo, I'm like, oh, I guess there were many more ways I could wear this, when forced to.  Prior to this, as has been happening all year, it was paired with pink and red.  Any solid works, naturally.

I was so going to throw a big daddy statement necklace over the sweater, but it looked a little loud for the office.  Must use statement necklaces sparingly, I have realized.

As always, coffee with Paloma was a sheer delight.  We stand on the street corner and gab like conversation-starved sorority girls while swinging our leather handbags around.  It's the best.

Dress: Zara / Blazer: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

30 for 30: Day Nineteen
Paloma says...

Grumble, grumble, grumble.... 30 for 30....grumble .... clothes... grumble.

So it's Day 19 which means we are totally in the home stretch and I am only wearing this green dress for the second time in the challenge.  I adore this dress, and actually the 30x30 is making me love it more. So that's good news.

I've actually started to daydream about non 30x30 outfits.  It doesn't help that I just pulled the trigger on some gorgeous new red shoes! (I picked these ones, if you're interested).

Also got to see my beloved Karen today, so that was another bit of good news. I personally think she is rocking her outfit today, and I would kill to look as cute as she does in that skirt.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Creative Low

Obviously, no one at work notices we're wearing the same thirty items for thirty days.  But we feel it acutely.

Shirt: Old Navy / Sweater: The Limited / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: Macy's

30 for 30: Day Eighteen
Paloma says...

Did I wear this already?  I think I'm going to start wearing the same outfit over and over and see if anyone notices.  Um, yeah, that's about all I've got to say about this one.  Creativity is at a low today.  Let's see if I can turn it around tomorrow...

Camisole: Martin + Osa (RIP) / Cardigan: Merona x Target / Skirt: Banana Republic / Shoes: The Limited

30 for 30: Day Eighteen
Karen says...

Another glimpse into the Single Girl's Lair!  I had afternoon meetings and had to take this at the end of the day.  Even if my legs look Photoshopped on, at least the "clarity" filter shows the real colors and details of these tired articles of clothing.  Yawn City: Population One.  (Or two?)

I used to love this skirt so much, felt it was so classy 60's.  Now I am like soooo over it!  Still, this is proof that these are solid work basics that can be worked and reworked.  And reworked.  And reworked...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Limited (Literally)

... and that's the old, original definition of "literally."  And not just for our options.  We're wearing The Limited.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: The Limited Black Collection / Shoes: The Limited 
Necklace: Williamsburg street vendor

30 for 30: Day Seventeen
Karen says...

It's not like any of this looks ugly, or inappropriate for work... I just want to wear other stuff!  Anyway, this necklace was a no brainer to throw on this shirt.  As this shirt was a no brainer to match with this skirt.  As these shoes are a no brainer for pretty much any outfit.  Do I sound disillusioned?

There's that floral skirt I would like to wear again, but on a day when I am feeling skinny, please.

Cardigan: The Limited / Top: The Limited / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Banana Republic / Earrings: Banana Republic 

30 for 30: Day Seventeen
Paloma says...

What can I say about the 30x30 that hasn't been said?  I'm tired of my clothes, but I love the challenge.  I can honestly say I am wearing combinations I probably would never have put together at this point. For example, I am wearing this color combo of black, yellow, and brown that I wore last week yet again. (Why did I include both a yellow top and a yellow bottom??)

But at the end of the day I am definitely falling more in the "love it" category with the challenge, if nothing else because, boy oh boy, am I going to be happy to see my closet again on day 31!

Another sad selfie in my office today - Karen and I desperately need to get together for a proper picture!  Dammit work, why you gotta get in the way? ;)  In other news, I am head to toe in The Limited and Banana Republic today. so there's that.