Friday, November 17, 2017

Bubbles and Friday Depositions

Its always frustrating when I have a court appearance or deposition on Friday, because it spoils my plans to wear jeans or something casual.  Alas, today was one of those Fridays.  A midday deposition meant pencil skirt and sensible sweater. (Side note - my five year-old informed she loves my sleeves because they "look like bubbles." Fair point, little love.)
Sweater: LOFT * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Steve Madden

Thursday, November 16, 2017


This floral blouse is one of my favorite things in my closet. It was inexpensive, is pretty, and can be styled seemingly a thousand different ways. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Cardigan: The Limited * Shirt: Forever 21 * Skirt: The Limited * Shoes: Asos

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Back to black....

....and white...and red.... I am predictable.
Also, my hair is funky today but whatevs.
Tee: Caslon * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Zara

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Bunch o' Outfits

Getting dressed, one day at a time....

It's been bizzzzzzzzzzzzy round these parts.  Here's a little roundup of some outfits this month, in case you missed them on Insta.

Here I am today - wearing nearly every neutral that exists (no white!) plus a floral blouse that I always forget I have.....
Top: LOFT * Skirt: J.Crew Factory * Cardigan: The Limited * Shoes: Nine West

And here I am on a lovely Casual Friday, wearing yet another lovely shirt that I often forget I have....
Shirt: LOFT * Jeans: Gap * Shoes: Nine West

This was last week sometime, and I gotta say, I don't love this look. I think the cardigan fits weird and is an odd shade of yellow? Anyhoo....
Tank: Target * Cardigan: The Limited * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Charles David

Another day, another cardigan. Pretty sure I own a cardigan in every color of the rainbow.....
Cardigan: LOFT * Top: LOFT * Skirt: LOFT (seeing a pattern here....) * Shoes: Asos

Another Casual Friday look (I think?) This was a week or two ago when we had our last heat wave of 2017.....
Tank: LOFT * Cardigan: Old Navy * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Target

This blouse is straight up Power Bitch.
Blouse: The Limited * Skirt: LOFT * Shoes: Steve Madden

And last but not least, a perfect red wrap dress. 
Dress: Gap * Shoes: Target

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Comfort Zone

Today I had court, so my outfit was sensible (sub cardigan w/blazer). But... my shoes broke on my way out of court :( so had to buy some replacements and ended up with these sassy Steve Madden ones with plastic sides which I am still unsure about.....out o my comfort zone like woah.
Shirt: Halogen * Cardigan: LOFT * Skirt: The Limited * Shoes: Steve Madden


I had to travel for work this week, and this is the only (oh-so-glamorous!) shot that I got..... And would you believe that I am wearing ....gasp!..... pants!? These are new from Gap and I am pretty happy with them - after two (long) work days, they kept their shape pretty darn well!
Cardigan: Anthropologie * Tank: Old Navy * Pants: Gap * Shoes: Asos


I wore this on Friday. I love these shoes.
Tank: Target * Cardigan: LOFT * Jeans: Gap * Shoes: Asos